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We love the softness, breathability, and non-irritating characteristics of natural fibers.  By making cotton and silk an integral part of all our products, Elmo's Closet brings this comfort to both our pets and us with fun and functional fashion accessories.

Construction for our webbing-based products begins with wrapping 100% cotton or 100% silk fabric around strong, yet supple, polypropylene or cotton webbing.  They are finished with the highest quality hardware:  welded d-rings, contoured buckles with appropriate pull strengths, strong snap bolts for strong collar/lead connections, and breakaway buckles that ensure needed safety.  Our collar selection includes standard side-release collars, slip-on and buckle martingale collars, slip-on and buckle training collars and cat safety collars.  We also offer pet leads and step-in harnesses.

Our Curvy-Danas™, are constructed from 100% cotton fabric.   These pet bandanas are curved along the top so they fit comfortably around the neck with minimal bunching.  They are also reversible and finished with topstitching around the entire bandana.  Lastly, they are available in both tie and buckle closures. 

Our accessories for people include belts for adults and children, key fobs,  headbands and lanyards.   The adult belts are available with either classic slide buckles or double d-rings and the children’s belts are available in double d-rings.  Our key fobs are available in two sizes:  bracelet and pocket.  The bracelet key fobs fit around the wrist for a hands-free way of keeping track of keys.  All the key fobs have a d-ring with a key ring and are closed with a leather tab.   The headbands are available in a skinny or wide width with fabric-covered elastic to minimize hair pulls at the nape of the neck.  Finally, the lanyards are available in both standard and safety (breakaway) styles.  They all have both key rings and lobster claws to hold both keys and id badges.

Each of these products is available in a fantastic selection of prints.  When selecting our prints, we follow the pantone color trends as well as the latest in design trends and motifs.  Our prints are grouped into a wide variety of collections, and each collection is categorized as either 'everyday', 'seasonal', or 'specialty fabric'.  With such a wide assortment of prints, everyone is sure to find a print (or two, or three) that meets their fancy.

In addition, our products are easy care.  When ready to clean, pretreat them with a stain remover, machine wash and hang dry.  To help keep them clean between washings, they can be pretreated with a fabric protector.

All our products are made in the USA.

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